Feasibility Study template for 10 years financial model

Advance Feasibility studies  template for 10 years

If you’re looking for a way to make your feasibility study stand out from the rest, then look no further than our feasibility study template in excel. This sleek and stylish template is perfect for any entrepreneur looking to make a splash with their business plan. With a variety of customizable features, you can easily tailor this template to suit your exact needs. And with a professional look and feel, you can rest assured that your study will make a strong impression on potential investors. So don’t wait any longer, get your hands on our feasibility study template in excel today! .


Through the feasibility study template, you can calculate your loan for the project, and this study is considered one of the banking studies, where you can prepare an integrated banking study and submit it to your bank and know the extent of the loan’s impact on the project  .


This template contains    :


From the Dashboard, you can view the details of your project in a beautiful and easy way to prepare your report, and it also contains a project summary.


Funding  :

Find out how to finance personal or bank Analyzing the bank loan, knowing the benefits of the loan, determining the percentage of the loan, the repayment period, the monthly and annual repayment, in addition to a complete analysis of the loan.


Project Cost

It shows you the cost of the project, all costs related to the project, in addition to the depreciation rate for each item. and asset analysis


Financial Analysis

Expected Revenue , quantity , Revenue per month , Revenue per year , operating cost , services cost , salary , rentals , administrative expenses , energy expenses , maintenance  , monthly cost , annual cost .


Balance sheet

An inaugural budget, in addition to the costs of establishing and the modus operandi of loans within the budget


Balance sheet for 10 years

An opening budget for 10 years, the data is automatically modified without the need to fill in any data


Income statement for 1 year

The income statement can be modified automatically in the form of percentages, in addition to showing all the details of the income statement from expected revenues for all months, sales returns, commissions, operating costs, depreciation, interest rate, net profits


Income statement for 10 year

It can show you the income statement for 5 years, with all the details and automatically


Cash Flow for first year

Shows you the full list of cash flows, in addition to the inflows and outflows and the loan


Cash Flow for 10  year

Shows you the full list of cash flows  for 10 year , in addition to the inflows and outflows and the loan .


Investment Evaluation

Payback period  , ROI Return on investment  ,NPV  Net present value , PI  Profitability index , IRR Internal Rate of Return .


Prices :

Clarify the quantities sold monthly, the break-even point in units, the break-even point at cost, the profit margin from the unit, and the profit margin from the product



How to use  ? simple and very easy

Fill in the boxes that contain the blue box only


Are you looking for a feasibility study template in excel? Well, look no further because we have the perfect one for you! Our feasibility study template in excel is perfect for any business that is looking to conduct a feasibility study. It comes with everything you need to conduct a successful feasibility study, including a project scope, objectives, deliverables, roles and responsibilities, timelines, and more. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use, so you can get started right away. So why wait? Get your own feasibility study template in excel today!


To whom can this study be submitted?

·       To know the success of your project or not.

·       for banks

·       for investors

·       for partners

·       for your expansion


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Great for evaluating investments and projects, it has really helped me with real estate projects


A wonderful financial template that can be used in many fields. I purchased it based on the video on YouTube


The template is very beautiful and easy to use. I really benefited from it in my project


The template is really cool, I wish there were currencies other than the dollar


Great template


Excellent financial template


great.really helped me open my own restaurant

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