TYPE Risk model

Excel template in risk analysis and risk matrix for your business or projects

How you can prepare full report in excel template in risk analysis and risk matrix for your business or projects

This template contains

  • risk matrix
  • Risk analysis
  • risk graph
  • Mechanism for identifying risks and ways to treat them
  • Possibilities
  • impact of risks
  • Tables and graphics
  • Risk analysis in the field (financial, project, operational, financing, marketing, market)
  • The biggest potential risks
  • The least expected risk

The risk matrix is ​​dynamic and you can modify it whenever you want and this is the only file of its kind

Work steps

  • Download the template to your device
  • Start by filling in the blue boxes only
  • When finished, copy the tables and everything in Excel, and paste it into the Word file as shown in the video.
  • The solutions provided by this file
  • Managing your company’s risks
  • Analyze the risks of your project

How to develop solutions to the risks involved

  • Prepare a risk matrix in any way
  • Knowing the most common risks
  • Less common risks
  • The most significant risks to the project
  • Least impact on the project

Who can use it

  • companies
  • projects
  • Departments of companies that contain risk management
  • Any people who have challenges in their projects
  • university students

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July 29, 2016
Updated On:
May 3, 2023
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