Feasibility studies template for a training center

Feasibility studies template for a training center

Through the template, you can prepare a complete feasibility study for a training center in various fields and more than 40 financial and technical schedules for your project with the best Dashboard.

Many training centers stumble, whether they provide their services online or in the halls. So, this template is designed specifically for those who are about to open projects in the field of training centers.

First Step: Market study

Before opening a training center Project, you should Prepare a market study, And this should be based on clear foundations that allow you to open the project. Many training centers provide many services, including administrative, agricultural, training diplomas, Industrial, crafts, and business certificates, and these centers can increase people’s skills.

The next step is to search for the best courses you will offer in your center, then search for competitors in the region. In addition, how to determine the pricing of each course and get the average cost of the course.

Second Step: Technical studies & Financial studies

Get the feasibility study template for a training center to prepare an integrated feasibility study in the following aspects:

  • Dashboard for Summary feasibility studies
  • Investing in training courses
  • One trainee data from costs
  • Technical Courses
  • Total operating costs
  • Technical data for training courses
  • Maximum capacity of training centers
  • Capacity of one hall
  • Expected courses
  • Available from investment for centers
  • The absorptive capacity of the number of students
  • The Trainer
  • The cost of one intern
  • Expected revenue according to training
  • The number of expected trainees
  • Project cost (tools and equipment, furniture, others, establishment expenses)
  • Revenue from the first year
  • Operating costs from the first year
  • Introductory budget
  • Projected income statement for the first year
  • Expected income statement for 5 years
  • Statement of cash flows for the first year
  • 5-year cash flow statement
  • budget for 5 years
  • Investment evaluation (project payback period, rate of return on investment)

Full project information

Upon completing the model, you will be able to accurately determine the pricing of your course, in addition to preparing an integrated feasibility study in the field of training centers, and know whether your project is feasible or not.

You can copy the information in excel and transform it into the dox file


  • Training center owners
  • Professional trainers
  • Accountants
  • Audit offices
  • Entrepreneurship trainers
  • Online trainers
  • training centers
  • Who wants to start a business

How will you benefit?

Prepare a feasibility study without the need for a consultant
Determine the cost of the trainee and trainers
Determine the feasibility of the project
Achieve profits through an organized feasibility study
Set your priorities at work

Currencies supported in the study (dollar, euro)
In the event that you develop the excel file, you will be notified of obtaining a free copy

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